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Why Choose MBI Urgent Care?

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What areas of Washington D.C. do you serve?

We serve all Washington D.C. residents, as well as anyone outside of the city's limits. However, we are purposefully located in Ward 7 to provide much needed affordable and easily accessible medical care, which had not been present beforehand.

How Do I Get Immediate Care For My Problem?

All you have to do is walk into our Urgent Care, or set up an appointment through or scheduler to eliminate the long wait time. You can also set up a virtual appointment with one of our medical professionals, no matter where you are. Please take care to note that we only treat non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, including providing vaccinations and booster shots for Covid-19. 

Do I Need To Fill Out Anything When I Arrive, or For When I Set Up An Appointment?

If you are a new patient, you will need to fill out our New Patient Form upon arrival to the clinic. Please feel free to walk-in and meet one of us at the receptionist desk. Let us know you will need treatment and that you are a new patient. We will then help you fill out the form if you should need guidance. If you are an existing client, you can schedule appointments via the online patient portal or the patient portal app

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