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Urgent Care Clinics

An Urgent Care Clinic is not a hospital, but rather a center for patients to have their non-emergency illnesses, infections, injuries, or other ailments treated in an urgent manner. Lower costs and shorter wait times are expected to occur at an urgent care center as opposed to a hospital.

Here are the benefits of having MBI Urgent Care in your neighborhood:


Quality Care


Save Money



Medical Attention


Our Success is Measured By Your Health

The only way we do right by you is to ensure that our treatment of your ailment is successful in your eyes, as well as your body.  Continuous feedback helps us know what works, what does not, and what measures we need to take to make sure you get back to a healthier you. Get the help you need, today.

We Are Here For You, No Matter Where You Are

With the existence of Covid-19, many facilities have adopted new policies and procedures to help the members of their community. MBI Urgent Care is here to do the same thing by providing our residents with the option to schedule a virtual visit with one of our medical staff members. With the rise of Telehealth comes the rise of medical support from the comfort of your own individual space.

*Coming Soon*
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