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An Urgent Care Clinic is not a hospital, but rather a center for patients to have their non-emergency illnesses, infections, injuries, or other ailments treated in an urgent manner. Lower costs and shorter wait times are expected to occur at an urgent care center as opposed to a hospital.

Current patients can access the patient portal to schedule virtual visits.

Here are the benefits of choosing to do a virtual visit:


Quality Virtual Care


Save Money


Save Time


 Medical Attention Anywhere


What To Expect During Your Virtual Visit

Telehealth is here to stay as the new normal to keep as many people safe as possible from contracting Covid-19. However, due to the increased effectiveness and convenience of Telehealth (or Virtual Care), it is highly likely that Telehealth will continue on, regardless of Covid-19. Your physician will be able to see you during your selected date and timeframe, no matter where you are, via a secured and HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform on your mobile or smart device.

How To Know When Virtual Care Isn't For You

Telehealth, (or Virtual Care) may not be for you if you have a serious physical injury or illness that will need proper
in-person diagnosis and immediate treatment by a healthcare professional. This may include a broken arm, a deep cut that needs stitching, or a severe sickness that regular over-the-counter drugs cannot remedy. Please come see a doctor  if you are in need of immediate care that an
in-person visit can only provide.

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